Advantages of Digital X-Ray

When you go to the doctor for an injury or some internal issue, chances are they will order a scan of some sort for you. This may be an MRI, a digital x-ray, a CT scan, or an ultrasound study. One way or the other, you will have to go to an imaging clinic to get the work done.

Digital X-Ray Versus X-Ray

A regular x-ray uses higher amounts of radiation and it uses film rather than a computer to get the image. Often, the scan has to be repeated in order to get a clear image. With digital x-ray imaging, you get a much higher quality of image produced in a digital format and less radiation.

digital x-ray imaging

The images can be enhanced and magnified easily, unlike the traditional x-ray films which cannot show much detail under magnification. You get a fully accurate scan with detail that is unrivaled by the typical x-ray that uses rather high doses of radiation and can cause more side effects over time.

Easy Image Transfer

With normal x-rays, there is film involved. If you need to have the images transferred to another physician, it will take time. The films have to be collected and transferred to another office. The treating physician you are seeing has to wait to see the image and that means you have to come back again.

Instead of that, the digital x-ray provides computerized image data that can easily be sent via electronic transfer, making it easy for any physician to see it fast.

Better Safety

Since a digital x-ray is more accurate and uses less radiation, it is considered much safer. It is especially good for more complex internal injuries as it shows much more. It is a clear, still image that can be viewed from a variety of angles. Most often, the initial x-ray will not have to be repeated again.